Thank You for Making SynergyWorks a Success!


Special thanks go to the following contributors:

Guest Speakers
Mayor George Heartwell
GVSU President Thomas Haas
CCPS Dean, Dr. George Grant Jr.

Panel Discussion
GVSU Provost Gayle Davis
Brooks Liberal Studies Chair, Dr. Wendy Burns-Ardolino
CLAS Dean, Dr. Fred Antczak
KCON Dean, Dr. Cynthia McCurren
CCPS Associate Dean, Dr. WIlliam Crawley (Moderator)

Creative Team
Heather Wallace, John Kilbourne, Danielle Lake, Patty Stow Bolea, and Nick Ryder

John Schmidt, Heather Wallace, and Abigail DeHart

Talented Rapper
William Knighton

Group Facilitators
Christine Rener, Patty Stow Bolea, Abigail DeHart, Michael DeWilde, Tim Syfert, Simone Jonaitis, Kirsten Bartles, Diana Pace, Jay Cooper, Kurt Ellenburger, Heather Carpenter, Melissa Peraino, Kristin Rahn, Shaily Menon, Chris Chamberlain, and Shawn Bultsma


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